Thursday, 16 June 2011

Week 31 - 33: Time to focus

Pregnancy seems so long, but suddenly now everything seems very imminent. I think writing the Baby Preparation List really seemed to focus me.  Are you writing a Birth Planner ? I had a long debate today about Birth Plans; my friend was adamant, to prepare a plan is to plan to fail as so often mother nature ignores how you ideally want to deliver your baby. I may have mentioned that my ideal of a home birth with the Pickle went awry when I got pre-eclampsia and I ended up with an emergency c-section - and by the time I got to hospital I don't think the midwives would have really cared less what was on my ideal birth plan! This is NOT a scare story because I have a wonderful healthy daughter and I am happily and confidently planning Beanie's arrival.

I think that we should have in bold letters at the top of any Birth Plan (or as my friend would like to call them Birth Ideal) GIVE BIRTH TO A HEALTHY BABY. Home birth / natural birth / with or without a water birth / with or without pain relief / epidurals...whatever we write down and aspire to, by focusing on having a healthy baby with the Pickle I recovered quickly from the unexpected turn of events. I still think that it is worth writing a birth plan (or birth ideal), for me it helps me be aware of the kind of options that are available. I can read up on the pros and cons of different pain relief and the kinds of decisions that I may be asked to make when I come to give birth.

The other big reality check is starting my NCT antenatal classes.  Technically speaking I am not sure if it necessary, but after five years it is good to have a refresher. It is also really amusing to see the differences between the two antenatal teachers! The cynic in me thinks that the NCT is just a way of aspirational Mums to meet each other, and true to form when we did our introductions meeting fellow mums was the main reason why everybody had enrolled.The antenatal classes are also a great way to answer concerns, gain an alternative perspective and for me to ask questions that I have considered since my first attempt to write a birth plan/ideal.

I have also booked my TENS machine - it was great during my last labour. Just one of the options if you are looking for non medical pain relief. I'm also listening to my hypnobirthing CD again - which is wonderfully relaxing and helps me sleep as it is starting to get uncomfortable, regardless of whatever birth we will manage.

What Beanie is up to?
Isn't he big now - around 40cm long. He is starting to get his head down and ready for his first big job of his life and in preparation for this the both the furry lanugo and the white greasy vernix are starting to disappear. As there is less room for him to move there is less potential for him to kick with abandon.

I am turning into a balloon,  gaining around 1lb a week, but then I am not really weighing myself. Pregnancy is starting to get a little cruel  more Braxton Hicks, insomnia, heartburn and breathlessness. The glamour never stops but at least my breasts have not started leaking yet and no increased vaginal discharge (both things to watch out for at the moment - all of this is very natural but if the discharge starts to get bloody or coloured chat to your midwife).

Just for comfort when walking the dog I have got a supersonic bump band suitable for SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) technically it is not necessary but after walking briskly for more than half and hour my bump starts to feel heavy. SPD is a pregnancy condition when the pelvis ligaments loose to the extent to which the joint holding the pelvic bones together is impaired.

What I am cooking?
I try to be veggy friendly, but this week my cravings were for meat. Besides I have made it a few times an the Hubster loves it - and hey, it is full of iron! When we lived in London our neighbourhood restaurant was a Thai called Addies on the Earls Court Road, here is my take on their excellent Weeping Tiger. No tigers (or even Tiggers) and harmed in this recipe. It is fairly simple, hopefully not too simple, but it is what I really felt like and it is the only way I have found that cooking a steak to well done does not make it resemble leather. The chili is not ideal for heartburn - but, a girl has to have her vices :)

Weeping Tiger
Steak (I have been buying one large Sirloin for the Hubster and me,
Soy Sauce - I've been using the lo-salt version
Finely grated ginger
Finely chopped red chili
Chopped coriander (or basil if your Hubster has a coriander aversion)

Marinate the steak in the soy, ginger, herbs and chili for anything from half an hour to half a day. I tend to start the marinating when I prepare the Pickle's supper. Cook some rice, Thai Jasmine rice work well, and wash some salad leaves. When the griddle is really hot cook the steak, then pour the excess marinade over the rice and salad and serve.Super simple yummy supper!

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